Wild Bryde Jewelry
Nature in Design

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A Brief Introduction

Here at Wild Bryde we're passionate about animals, nature and jewelry design. And for over 30 years we've been delighting nature lovers everywhere with our beautiful jewelry creations, made right here in our studio in Northern California.

Our vision is simple: to celebrate the beauty and diversity of nature by capturing it's essence in all of our designs. Whether it's the humble millipede or the majestic eagle, you'll find each subject skillfully represented in our jewelry with extraordinary accuracy and craftsmanship.

Just one of the things that sets Wild Bryde apart is the sheer variety of our line. We make jewelry of just about every animal you can think of (and one or two you may never even have heard of!) We offer a truly breathtaking selection of flora and fauna designs, and we take great pride in our knowledge of different species. Teachers, naturalists and animal rehabilitation workers are among our biggest fans.

But you don't have to be any kind of specialist to appreciate our jewelry. It appeals to everyone who loves nature!

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For a more in-depth history of Wild Bryde, please click About Us. You will also find details about our Custom Work there.

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Some Happy Customers...

  • "Your line is terrific!
    I really have been surprised at the amount of people who buy not only one, but two or more pairs of the bat earrings! It's really neat to see visitors getting excited about such a unique product!"
    Lisa Banister, Regional Parks Manager, Ortega Enterprises
  • "All of the different earring designs are quite lovely!
    Thanks again for all of your creativity and brilliance. I believe this will translate into great enjoyment for all recipients of your clever art!"
    Lynn de Freitas,Executive Director, Friends of the Great Salt Lake
  • "Wild Bryde is ideal jewelry
    There is a huge assortment of animals. It is elegant, sturdy and moderately priced. I enjoy telling people about it and selling it".
    Elaine McNamara, Dazzling Animals
  • "Thank you so much!
    Your company, as usual, is wonderful!"
    Rose, Sierra Glass Works
  • "Your jewelry is beautiful! I love it!
    I wear the (hummingbird) necklace several times a week and always, always receive compliments on it. Thank you for your lovely creations!"
    Susan K
  • "I have a gazillion of your earrings and I love them all!
    One day I'll take a picture of all the earrings I have bought from you!"
    Deborah B